Meet the team that will help you to be successful in your business.

Our potential goal is to design website that will enables small and large businesses to reach their goal and have more customers coming through.

Why Choose Us


Corporate Services

Stan Design Sites is a company with a vastly experienced team of members who are passionate professionals and ready to help your business grow . 



Creating good experiences for both mobile and desktop users improves accessibility because it makes it easy for people to access your site no matter what hardware they have.


Expert Advisors

We tackle most of aspects in your business from managing , marketing using SEO and more widely, embarking on research and improving your site.

Well website design is our core product.

At Stan Design Sites we provide everything you need to get your web presence up running.

Expert Team

Stanley Mehale

Stanley is the founder of Stan Design Sites. He loves all things about technology and has a strong passion for designing websites and innovation. He still gets involved in the development of our services and client projects.

Sergio de Andrade

Sergio has been involved in photography since 1986. He trained as a photographer through the SADF and after 4 years qualified as a professional photographer. After serving in the SADF as  a operational photographer he continued  in the private sector as a commercial photographer.

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Volker Mpedi

Chief marketing and strategic director. His core work is to give ideas that bring prospect into development of brands. More energy is also present in researching and seeking opportunities on how to improve and better communication strategies.

Passionate about designing websites!

In this technologically advanced era, it is essential for every business to have an online presentation to show their visibility and to reach out to broader audience.
To do so they need to have a proper business website which show  what the business does and provides useful related information for the visitors.
when the visitor clicks on your website to gather data, they unconsciously compare and evaluate its products with its competitors. At that stage, if they find website unprofessional or less appealing, they will would look for alternatives which could be the business’s competitor.
Therefore, significantly, to keep up with the competition and sales, it is important for business to have a professional and up to date  websites which requires Stan Design Sites. Our company is pro at creating and managing websites and hiring us means that you are hiring an expert. We ensure that your website is welcoming, appealing and user friendly which can only be made possible by Stan Design Sites.

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